People have been travelling to various destinations since the beginning of time; and over the years the mode of transportation has evolved to a place where, traveling from one country to another has become virtually effortless.

Today, travel has become affordable, and therefore accessible; and with the advent of the internet the travel industry has exploded. With planes, trains, automobiles, and a generation of travelers who are willing to go on vacation even if they must go it alone; safety has become a major issue.


TIP#1: Research important facts concerning your destination of choice

The State Department provides important information about every country in the world. Also, you can find tons of reviews on the internet, from other travelers who have previously been to your destination of interest. Its always a good idea to get a feel for the country you’re going to visit.

TIP#2: Get a health check from your physician

Get a check-up from your doctor, especially when suffering with a chronic Illness like diabetes, high blood pressure etc. Also, be sure to get refills on your medications, especially if you are going to be away for a long time.  It’s also a good rule of thumb to know where the hospitals are in the city you are going to be vacationing.

TIP#3: Know the language

If your native language is different from the one used in the place you’re going to visit, it wouldn’t hurt to learn a few important words or phrases, for example: Good Morning, Good Evening, Please, Thank You etc.  As a matter fact if you can plan your visit enough time in advance you ought to learn as much of the language as you can.

TIP#4: Leave the bling at home

Be careful not to expose expensive jewelry and loads of cash. If you don’t need the jewelry its best to leave it at home.  Most hotels have safes in their rooms and it’s a good idea to leave jewelry, important documents, and cash in there.  As far as cash is concerned; while on vacation it is best to take along just what you need. When exploring the various sites carry smaller bills, putting it in different places on your person. If you are traveling with family divide the money up among yourselves. One never wants to draw attention when in another country the idea is to blend in.



TIP#5: Carry a first aid kit

You never know what could happen while you’re on vacation, at the very least carry one of those first aid kit that you can purchase at your local Target or Walmart. It’s important to be as self-sufficient as you possibly can. If you or someone traveling with you gets hurt in a way that calls for more help than you can give, a first aid kit still allows you to help until reinforcements arrives.

TIP#6: Don’t post your location or itinerary on social media

Don’t be a target for thieves by letting everyone know that you’re on vacation. Its better to post your pics on social media after you return from your holiday. Make arrangements with your local post office or have someone pic up your mail from the mailbox, so there is no overflow of mail to alert thieves.

TIP#7: Collect important emergency numbers

Waiting until an accident occurs to figure out which numbers to call can be fatal in a foreign country.  FYI 911 does not work in every country so be sure to put important emergency contact numbers in your phone even before you leave home. In addition to hospital and police, knowing the number, and location of the American Embassy in your vacation destination doesn’t hurt either.

TIP#8: Take pics of your important documents

It’s not impossible for items such as passports and credit cards to get lost while on vacation. Put your smartphone to good use by taking pics of the back, and front of your credit cards; you can even go a step further by emailing them to yourself. The same with your passport; make a copy of your id page i.e. the page with your name, date of birth etc.  

Never hesitate to take safety precaution when traveling; you’ve gotten the time off work, you’ve spent money for tickets and a place to stay, so go the extra mile to secure your safety.

Author: Londell Cox 


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